Blog setup and presentation

Welcome to this experiment!

I’ve decided to make a blog about my progress to a better self.

The blog will contain topics I truly enjoy, like music, philosophy, food and similar things.
It will also contain content that I find useful and things I want to implement in my own life, things like motivational, productive and useful posts.

The reason I’m creating this blog is to get myself out into the real world and apply everything I “know i should do” and by creating this blog I have to follow up on these things. I will be posting pictures and “stats” from different kinds of apps to show you and myself that I’m being productive and that I’m doing the things I want to/should do.

A bit about myself

I’m a 28 year old Norwegian guy who have struggled with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, alcoholism, drug use and all sorts of things related to my mental health.

I’ve spent the last years trying to cope with all these things and I’ve not quite managed to do so, that’s why I think this blog is a great idea. Just to show myself and other people with the same problems, facing the same troubles I am that it is possible to get to a better place and a better self.

What I will be doing

I will be posting here as often as I can. If I post about doing something this weekend, I will come back and show you that I’ve done the things I’ve written about.
This weekend I’m going to go out, taking pictures of the surrounding area around my current Untitled-3location, I know this seems stupid to some of you, but to me this is the way to start it off.
I might actually do this earlier if the weather allows me to.

So, I really hope you’ll follow me on this adventure and I wish I’m able to help myself and others out of our current situation.